5Acres Styled Shoot || Palmdale, CA

Styled shoots. I had never heard of 'styled shoots' until earlier this year. How is that possible?! They are so fun, a great experience, and an awesome way to grow your portfolio, especially in the slow season that us photographer experience.

This styled shoot was the first one I ever participated in and I flew all the way down to Southern California for it. Along with my friend Cece, we were the only photographers who attended the shoot that flew in from out of state. It was so worth it though and I would totally do it again!

5Acres Mojave is this little gem in Palmdale, CA. It has a lot of amazing rock formations, beautiful Joshua Trees (!!!!!), and a gorgeous view that goes on for miles.

We were pretty nervous that it was going to rain on us at the shoot as Cece and I drove to the location, but the rain did not fall until the end, thankfully. However, the WIND was so crazy. I can't remember how many mph the wind was blowing, but it was pretty strong, and cold.

Alia, one of the gorgeous bride models, was such a trooper. It was cold for those of us that were bundled up, I couldn't imagine (actually I can, lol) how cold Alia was. But you can't even tell!

I am excited to finally share some images from the styled shoot with you!!!

Vendor information is below!

Organizer: @laureannevphotography

Florist: @fireweedflorals

Pink Gown: @fasionnova

Bride: @_aliaoe_

Makeup: @danayamani

Check out my talented friend Cece's work: @cascphoto

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