Reflecting on 2018

Good-bye 2018? It feels like yesterday I was saying goodbye to 2017... It is so crazy how fast time flies! I wanted to do a reflection on 2018, and post my FAVORITE pictures from 2018. I didn't have a lot of photo-sessions this year, but I had a lot of time to reflect and work on my small business.

With that being said, I hope you enjoy the pictures from 2018!

Rattlesnake Ledge| North Bend, WA | January 2018

At the beginning of this year, Ryan and I drove to Rattlesnake Lake and walked around. It turned out to be a beautiful day, even though the wind was crazy strong! I told myself that this year, my goal is to climb to the top of that ledge. Did I do it? Keep scrolling to find out!

My Kitty Valentine <3 | February 2018

The story behind this picture: I set up my camera on a stack of books on my windowsill and set the timer over and over. I love it when an idea for pictures turn out exactly how you had it in your head. Frankie even cooperated! Now I have some great pictures with my boo kitty.

Brie + Ryan | Headless T-Shirt Models | March 2018

Another picture that turned out exactly how I pictured it. What you probably can't tell, is that we were SO COLD. According to accuweather, it was around 51-ish degrees that day. And we were sleeveless, haha. I am glad I have a boyfriend who puts up with my picture ideas that involve him and that he loves Star Wars as much as I do! No shame in my chipped nail polish game.

Aubrey's Senior Portraits | April 2018

I've been taking photography courses by these two photographers that I love and I was so excited to take what I have learned from them and apply it to Aubrey's senior pictures! Two things in particular were framing and open shade.

Venice Canals, Venice, CA | April 2018

In April, Ryan and I took our first road trip together and visited our friends in Oregon, went on to visit out friends in LA, and went to Universal Studios (Harry Potter World mostly). I chose this as my favorite shot from our vacation because as we were walking through the Venice Canals I was taking some test shots to adjust my lighting and as I was going through all the pictures, I saw this one and was like WOW this test shot turned out great. Ryan looks like he dropped the hottest music album of 2018.

Driftwood, Roslyn, WA | May 2018

Ryan and I had been wanting to take a day trip to Roslyn for a while, and we finally did! We were walking down by the lake and I spotted some cool looking driftwood. If you know me, you know I love taking pictures of moss, driftwood, or anything that has cool detail like this.

Ducks, Chelan, WA | June 2018

Back in June, I took a vacation with Ryan and his family. We were walking along the lake and we spotted a little family of ducks walking from the water to the beach and they all laid down together on some driftwood. What I love the most about this is that they blend in so well, it takes you a minute to realize what the picture is of.

Sydney's Senior Portraits, Lincoln Park, West Seattle, WA | August 2018

Everything about this evening was great. I got to take my cousins senior pictures, the lighting and weather was perfect, and we had a great time. I also used what I learned from those courses I've been taking is more about "golden hour" and I definitely worked this session around that. Sydney graduates in 2019 and it's crazy to think about that! Congratulations Syd!

Mrs. Lewis, Huber's Gasthaus, Olympia, WA | August 2018

This is my friend Katiee. I've known her for around 5 years. Last year I had the pleasure of taking her and her (now husband) fiancee's engagement pictures, and this year their wedding pictures! It was a beautiful ceremony. I love everything about this picture.

Bear | September 2018

I like to house sit. Especially when I get to spend my time there with cuties like this guy, Bear! He makes for a great subject too. Such a good boy. Fun Fact: the only way I could get him to pose was to hold a tennis ball above my camera.

Frog on Hydrangea | September 2018

LOVE THIS. Walking around my aunts house, taking pictures, I spotted this cute little frog laying on a Hydrangea. I probably took pictures of him for a good 30 minutes from all different angles. This is probably my favorite out of all the ones I took, even though you can't see his cute little face.

Rattlesnake Lake, North Bend, WA | October 2018

Well here is your answer! It was a very cold and cloudy October, but I made it to the top of Rattlesnake Ledge! We hiked up a little ways further to another opening and the clouds rolled in we could not see across the way and all we could hear were peoples voices. Kinda creepy!

Nessy + Lacey, Salt Water State Park, Tacoma, WA | October 2018

It was really hard to pick a favorite from Lacey's senior portrait session. We were worried the weather was going to turn nasty, but we were blessed with some sunshine through the clouds. Lacey brought her dog Nessy to her shoot, and I captured some sweet pictures of them together. I love finding out why pet owners named their pets their name, and Lacey named Nessy after Renesmee Cullen from Breaking Dawn!

Walk to End Alzheimers | Kennewick, WA | October 2018

My grandma has dementia. I think she has had it for 10 years or so and it does not get any easier. Ever since my grandma moved into Fieldstone Memory Care in Kennewick, I have raised money and participated in the Walk to End Alzheimers with her and my family. This picture of my Grams and I walking, holding hands was a blind shot and I am so happy it turned out.

Mooooo | November 2018

No, I don't live on a farm. Do I wish I lived on a farm? Yes! I woke up to a couple of freezing mornings and I love to go out and capture the frozen plants. However, this is what my eye caught instead and I don't know what it is about it, but I love this picture.

Homemade Pecan Pie | November 2018

I'll randomly take a stab at food photography. This year I really wanted to make a homemade pecan pie for Thanksgiving. I have never made a pie before and I made TWO. And they both turned out delicious. Of course, I had to document the results!

Future Photographer | November 2018

This is my cousin Lena. I call her my cousin even though she is my cousins daughter and I have no idea how that 'second cousin' stuff works? Feel free to inform me if you know! Anyway, I brought my digital camera with us to Thanksgiving at my aunts house because we took our family picture for our Christmas cards. At the last minute before we left our house, I grabbed this little wooden camera I bought last year (so I could make some but haven't yet) because I thought Lena would like to play with it and be like her photographer cousin. I handed it to her a little bit after we got there, and she had it on her almost the whole night! She followed us out while we took our family pictures and she "took pictures" of us and everyone else. It totally melted my heart that she enjoyed playing with the wooden camera. Maybe she will become a photographer one day ;)

Do What You Love | December 2018

4 years ago in January, I opened my Etsy shop for the first time. I sell crochet and other handmade goodies on there. I've had success with it. I've closed my shop to figure out what my next steps are going to be with it. This year, I decided that in 2019, my shop, formerly known as Brie's Crafty Crafts, will be reopened as Handmade by Brianna! I am so excited to focus more on this, because I love to make things!

Thank you for making it all the way down the page of my 2018 favorites! I'd love to hear what some of your favorite Brianna Michelle Photography pictures were!

Happy 2019 Y'all! Cheers!


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