Scott + Lillian || Anniversary Session || Gold Creek Pond

Updated: Jun 15, 2019

Today is a very special day for a few reasons. But before I get into that, I need to talk about how the morning of the session started out.

A few weeks ago was Scott and Lillian's sunrise anniversary session. So I woke up at 3:30am, got ready, ate breakfast, had some coffee and picked up my friend Corinne at 4:30, got gas and headed out to Gold Creek Pond to meet Scott and Lilly. We got there a few minutes before them and we noticed that the road to get to the pond was packed with snow. So when they arrived Corinne and I hopped into their 4WD SUV and we charged up the small bank of snow, hoping to make it over. Unfortunately, we got stuck.

We got out and tried to push it backwards, but the tires dug into the ice and snow and were just spinning. I suggested to grab some big sticks and place them behind the front tires in hope to gain some traction so we could push it down the hill and just park the car on the side of the road. And it worked!

We started the trek to the pond, and it was a good thing I did some research and told everyone to bring hiking shoes/snow boots because there was so much snow and it was harder in places and really soft in others. Occasionally, we would step and our feet would sink deep into the snow. Lilly told us that her mom wanted to buy her some snowshoes for her birthday, but she told her that she would never need to use them, until today, when they would have come in very handy!

The walk wasn't too long, and we finally were getting closer to the pond. We were glad that there was no actual sunrise, thanks to cloudy morning, because we would have been so disappointed we missed it because the car got stuck. The view of the lake was beautiful, and the fog was starting to roll in more, which was really cool. We could totally feel the Twilight vibes.

Now, onto why this day, May 4th, is so special!

First, today is Scott and Lilly's 5 year wedding anniversary! Happy Anniversary! On our walk back to the car, they were telling us that it was so nice to be able to spend the day taking the time for themselves to focus on being married for 5 years, because they have been busy packing and prepping for their big move to Michigan at the end of the month (they arrived a few days ago!). I am so happy that they had time in their busy schedule to meet up with me so I could take pictures for their anniversary!

Second, 5 years ago today, I photographed my very first wedding, and it just so happened to be Scott and Lilly's wedding! It was nerve racking, photographing my first wedding, but I was really glad it was for a friend, whom I felt comfortable with and was able to capture some sweet memories for them on their special day, and to put my foot in the door that opened to me working towards pursuing this dream as a career.

Now for the pictures from their anniversary session!

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